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We Clean Technology

Disaster Recovery . Electronic Restoration

Our technicians can provide damage assessment, replacement cost analysis, and recovery options to minimize Business Interruption, company downtime and claim costs.

We have years of experience in the Disaster Recovery field. Technical cleaning is our speciality. We can handle anything from construction dust to black water and everything in between…
Fire and smoke damage, water damage, construction dust, extinguisher or glycol… RescueTech can deal with any emergency that disrupts the normal operation of your life or business.

Damaged Technology Cost Analysis

Damage caused by a disaster, whether natural or man made, can result in significant costs for Insurance Companies and Risk Managers.

RescueTech provides detailed analysis of all equipment involved in a disaster from what needs to be replaced to what can be salvaged and which items are unaffected. Many times, the true cost of replacement exceeds the cost of hardware, because additional costs have to be taken into consideration, such as, configuration, software, warranty, maintenance contracts, data recovery, etc. The “true” cost of replacing an item can far outweigh the list price.

RescueTech provides contents replacement valuation services for all types of technical equipment whether in a small residence or large corporate office.  Our technical consultants deal with home theaters, server racks and rooms, data centers, computer labs and many other types of technology. Many times a vendor gives a quote for a complete system replacement when it may not be necessary.

Our goal is to find out the truth… We use a pricing database developed over the last 13 years to insure replacement prices for technology are accurate and current. Good research and a trained eye can be the difference between a claim costing $4000 rather than $50,000.

A technology replacement cost analysis includes:

  1. Photos of equipment involved in the loss
  2. A line by line detailed inventory including make, model, serial number
  3. Amount of equipment and conditions with notes and extras (such as batteries)
  4. Which items are damaged and which are not
  5. Current and accurate replacement pricing as of the report date
  6. Totals of all items to be replaced

Disaster Recovery – Get Back To Business Quick

IMG_1072Disaster Recovery cleaning can help mitigate and minimize business interruption and get you back up and running quicker than replacement.

Have you had a fire, water or other type of loss in your business?

Smoke, moisture and other contaminants can be pulled into electronic equipment through vents and cooling fans covering boards and surfaces critical to operation. These contaminants often contain materials that are corrosive to circuit boards.

In order to function normally, surfaces inside of electronics should be kept clean to dissipate heat and allow the equipment to cool. Foreign substances can undermine the heat dispersion and cause equipment failure. Special care should be taken to clean the affected areas so re-contamination does not occur.

Fire and smoke damage, water damage, extinguisher dust, glycol… RescueTech can deal with any emergency large or small, that disrupts the normal operation of your life or business.  Our experienced technicians are ready to get you back up and running as fast as possible. We provide technical loss and disaster recovery services for small homes and businesses to computer labs, server rooms and data centers.

Business IT Infrastructure is different from company to company and takes specialized skills to insure critical information systems are treated properly and handled in the correct manner.

​From computer labs, server rooms and data centers, proper procedures are often overlooked by “One Stop Shop” companies which can cause more damage and further business interruption if they are not trained in the appropriate handling of equipment.

Our specialized technicians are accustomed to working in critical environments at chaotic times. We insure proper care and attention are being used to get infrastructure back up and running as quick as possible.

Electronics and technology damaged by fire, flood, smoke or other environmental contamination can be saved if dealt with quickly and properly. Continued use without proper cleaning can accelerate the process of corrosion and cause further damage. A quick response can be the difference between recovering equipment and replacing it.

Types of contamination that affect electronics and technology:

  • Fire and smoke
  • Water and high humidity
  • Drywall (gypsum) and construction dust
  • Concrete dust (crystalline silica)
  • Sprinkler water (ethylene glycol)
  • Fire extinguisher dust
  • Tear gas

Tips To Help Mitigate Electronic Corrosion Damage:

  • Power off equipment if possible
  • Unplug equipment from wall
  • Remove batteries when necessary
  • Extract the items (directly affected or not) from the loss location
  • Call a specialist to get the items looked at to see if cleaning is necessary

Types Of Disaster Recovery

Construction Contamination

Water Contamination

Fire & Smoke Contamination

What is “Technical Cleaning”?

In the simplest explanation, it literally means to clean technology hardware, such as servers, switches, routers, firewalls, etc.

​Pretty much anything with a circuit board inside.

Why does it need to be cleaned?

Fans and/or cooling vents that normally provide airflow to keep internal components from overheating are found in nearly all equipment.

​Dust, moisture, smoke and other contaminants can enter through these openings, coat the circuit boards, fans, heat sinks and other components and cause equipment to overheat or start a corrosion process.

The “internal” cleaning is most important. Anything can be wiped down on the outside and look good, maybe even function fine for a while… If the circuit boards aren’t cleaned properly, the items will not live a “normal” life of 7-10 years for most equipment.

It also depends upon the environment in which the equipment is kept. Harsher environments such as mines or automotive shops will need more frequent attention than a data center that is designed to handle dust and contaminants.

Scheduled maintenance cleanings can help keep equipment cool and running smooth.

We utilize the same cleaning techniques that most manufacturers use during the final phase of production.

Types Of Technical Cleaning

Scheduled Maintenance

Protect Your IT Equipment Before Construction Starts

Blown containment from a construction project can cause drywall dust, concrete dust, floor and ceiling tile debris or other contaminants to inundate a computer lab, server room, data center or IT closet. These contaminants can be pulled into equipment through vents and cooling fans covering boards and surfaces critical to operation.

Construction dust of various types can contain materials that are corrosive to circuit boards. In order to operate properly, surfaces inside of electronics should be kept clean to dissipate heat and allow the equipment to cool. ​A coating of construction dust can undermine the heat dispersion and cause equipment failure due to overheating. We can set up containment within your server room or IT closet to insure construction contamination does not effect your equipment during the process. We also remove the containment when the project is done.

Don’t let your equipment experience this:

About Us & What We Do

Disaster Recovery . Electronic Restoration

We specialize in keeping IT and technical equipment up and running as efficiently as possible. We perform scheduled maintenance and handle Disaster Recovery from smoke, water, mold, construction dust, extinguisher contamination and other corrosive elements that can affect high value technical equipment.

We handle:

  • IT Systems for Small Business
  • Technology integrated into homes (IoT, home theaters, automation, etc)
  • IoT Systems
  • Home Theaters and Entertainment Centers
  • Home and Business Automation
  • Cloud Services (Office 365, G Suite, etc)
  • Server Closets
  • Server Rooms
  • Rack Systems

​Our technicians have years of experience with computer labs, IT infrastructure and server room maintenance along with Disaster Recovery. Whether your environment is large or small, we have the experience to get you back up and running fast.

Who We Are

Our technicians have years of experience working with IT technology, server rooms and data centers. We provide services to hundreds of clients each year, including Small Business, Risk Managers, IT Departments & Restoration Contractors. We also serve all major insurance carriers.

Our History

RescueTech was established in 2002 to assist businesses recover quickly from all types of disasters including fires, floods and loss involving other corrosive contaminants.  RescueTech has since grown into a company that assists small business, home owners and users with all types of technology issues.

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