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Electronic Restoration Services


Electronics are sensitive to foreign contaminants produced by many different losses.

Construction DamageSmoke, moisture and other contaminants can be pulled into electronic equipment through vents and cooling fans covering boards and surfaces critical to operation. These contaminants often contain materials that are corrosive to circuit boards. In order to function normally, surfaces inside of electronics should be kept clean to dissipate heat and allow the equipment to cool. Foreign substances can undermine the heat dispersion and cause equipment failure. Special care should be taken to clean the affected areas so re-contamination does not occur.

Fire and smoke damage, water damage, extinguisher dust, glycol… RescueTech can deal with any emergency large or small, that disrupts the normal operation of your life.  Our experienced technicians are ready to get you back up and running as fast as possible. We provide technical loss and disaster recovery services for homes and residences.

Proper procedures are often overlooked by “One Stop Shop” companies which can cause more damage if they are not trained in the appropriate handling of equipment.

Our specialized technicians are accustomed to working in homes at chaotic times. We insure proper care and attention are being used to get your technology back up running as quick as possible.

Electronics and technology damaged by fire, flood, smoke or other environmental contamination can be saved if dealt with quickly and properly. Continued use without proper cleaning can accelerate the process of corrosion and cause further damage. A quick response can be the difference between recovering equipment and replacing it.

Types of contamination that affect electronics and technology:

  • Fire and smoke
  • Water and high humidity
  • Drywall (gypsum) and construction dust
  • Concrete dust (crystalline silica)
  • Sprinkler water (ethylene glycol)
  • Fire extinguisher dust
  • Tear gas

Tips To Help Mitigate Electronic Corrosion Damage:

  • Power off equipment if possible
  • Unplug equipment from wall
  • Remove batteries when necessary
  • Extract the items (directly affected or not) from the loss location
  • Call a specialist to get the items looked at to see if cleaning is necessary