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Possible Damage? Need A Site Visit?

FREE Site Visit in The Denver Area.

Never A Charge To Look.

Not sure if it’s cost effective? Unsure about damage?

Vendors tend to lean towards replacement even though it isn’t needed. Sometimes damage can look worse on the outside than on the inside.

Let us take a look for you… No charge in the Denver area.

Not all losses will damage equipment.

We can help:

  • Walk through the loss with homeowner, adjuster or contractor
  • Determine damage levels (if any)
  • Have determination within one hour
  • Save time and money on claims

Call Us at 303.380.1708

Who We Are

We specialize in IT and technical equipment cleaning and have been in operation for over 15 years. We provide scheduled maintenance and handle Disaster Recovery due to smoke, water, mold, construction dust, extinguisher contamination and other corrosive elements that can affect high value technical equipment.

A Few Clients