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What is “Technical Cleaning”?

In the simplest explanation, it literally means to clean technology hardware, such as servers, switches, routers, firewalls, etc.

​Pretty much anything with a circuit board inside.

Why does it need to be cleaned?

Fans and/or cooling vents that normally provide airflow to keep internal components from overheating are found in nearly all equipment.

​Dust, moisture, smoke and other contaminants can enter through these openings, coat the circuit boards, fans, heat sinks and other components and cause equipment to overheat or start a corrosion process.

The “internal” cleaning is most important. Anything can be wiped down on the outside and look good, maybe even function fine for a while… If the circuit boards aren’t cleaned properly, the items will not live a “normal” life of 7-10 years for most equipment.

It also depends upon the environment in which the equipment is kept. Harsher environments such as mines or automotive shops will need more frequent attention than a data center that is designed to handle dust and contaminants.

Scheduled maintenance cleanings can help keep equipment cool and running smooth.

We utilize the same cleaning techniques that most manufacturers use during the final phase of production.

Types Of Technical Cleaning

Scheduled Maintenance