What Is Managed IT Services?

The days of having hardware and a full time dedicated IT staff on premises, such as servers to run applications, are becoming less necessary depending on what you need for your business. Managed IT Services is a fancy way of saying your servers, infrastructure and workstations are managed off site.

Benefits of Managed IT Services:


  • Control IT Costs – Budget for IT costs on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Reduce Labor Cost – Why have IT on paid staff if they only work part of the time?
  • Access To Experience – Need advice on how to use tech more effectively? We do that.
  • Quick Response – Because of remote monitoring and management, most problems can be fixed before they have an impact.
  • Vendor Management – We make sure what you need is not what they want to “sell”.
  • Organization – All IT resources are organized and kept track of in one spot.
  • Less Worry – We take care of the details in your technology so you can focus on on business.
  • Disaster Recovery – It’s built in, no hardware on site means nothing to get damaged should you have an interruption.
  • Scale Easily – If extra performance or users are needed, it can be done quickly.
  • Redundancy – Systems can be backed up in case of failure.

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